Workshop - Carbon Cleaning

The Issue.

Many of the Volkswagen Group range use direct injection, meaning injectors fitted directly into your cylinders. By having this set up and no injectors injecting fuel in the intake manifold spraying the intake valves with fuel keeping them clean, over time your intake valves will slowly build up an fair amount of carbon deposits, this will restrict air flow and in a lot of cases causing a major decrease in power for your vehicle.

The Fix.

Although we do sell a easy carbon cleaning solution in the way of our Forte Power Clean system, unlike a lot of carbon cleaning companies we know this does not work miracles, we know that most of our direct injection vehicles are too badly filled with carbon for this to work. So the actual fix for this is for us to remove your intake manifold and use our wallnut blaster to safely clean the carbon from your valves. Once this has been done we are seeing quite a major increase in power on vehicles. Once we have carried out our walnut clean we then suggest having our Forte Power Clean carried out every 10,000-15,000 miles to stop your carbon building back up to a power restricting level.

If you would like more info on this service please email us with your registration or call us on 020 8300 2450