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Racingline Performance

Racingline Performance Rear Suspension Bush Kit

Racingline Performance Rear Suspension Bush Kit


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The difference? You will instantly feel your car responding with a new-found crispness and precision during cornering. This transformation does come at a small trade off against ride comfort, but careful design of the bushing materials means that this is achieved with minimaltransmission of any excess noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) into the cabin.

Most enthusiast drivers love the feeling of precision, and being more connected with their car and removing the 'squidge' that any standard road car gives when drivenhard. For any car that has covered higher mileage, replacing the bushes instantly restores the 'new car feel', giving a tight, controlled ride and responses.

Ultimately you will have a safer vehicle with more consistent grip and improved feedback. When combined with other suspension modification such as 'Cup Edition' Front Suspension Upgrade Kit, the Coilover Suspension range, Solid Adjustable Top Mounts or Anti-Roll bars, the effect on your car's chassis is transformative.

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