• Maintenance

    With the DSG wet clutch gearboxes it has always been imperative that you have you oil and filter changes on time. Over time your clutch pack will wear and compromise the oil in your gearbox.

    The suggested maintenance time on the DSG gearboxes is every 40,000 miles, if this is ignored the particles from the clutches that are now in your oil will enter the valve body of the mechatronics unit and start to cause driveability issues.

  • Diagnostic and Repair

    Unfortunately some variants of the DSG gearboxes are more common for issues than others and as with everything, things can go wrong! Don't worry! With our extensive experience with the DSG gearboxes we can effectively diagnose and repair issues, replacing clutch packs and mechatronic units on both the wet clutch and dry clutch gearboxes.

    Mechatronic Repair

    We also have built up very good relationships with electronic repair companies so unlike a lot of companies we would not expect you to spend out on a brand new mechatronic unit if yours is faulty. We can remove this from the vehicle and send the unit to be assessed and repaired as required potentially saving you thousands.