• Maintaining Your Haldex System

    Just like a clutch in a DSG gearbox your Haldex system has a set of clutches submersed in oil that are used to control the drive to the rear wheels, over time these clutches wear and fill the oil with particles thus clogging up the oil strainer (Gen 5) or the filter (Gen 1-4)

    Generation 1-3

    On Haldex Gen 1-3 it is pretty simple service schedule to replace the oil and filter every 20,000 miles

    Generation 4

    On the Haldex Gen 4 VWG do not recognise that the filter requires changing even though they still clog up like any filter! VWG do not make a filter for this generation Haldex but we can obtain and replace this filter for you.

    Generation 5

    On the Haldex Gen 5 these do not have a standard filter for the Haldex and VWG only advise an oil change every 20,000 miles, these in fact do have a type of filter in the form of a small strainer on the pump unit, we remove this pump, clean, fit new seals and refit whilst carrying out the service, we have also seen these Haldex systems clog up in as little as 10,000 miles so we recommend carrying out a oil change and pump clean every 10,000 miles on this generation Haldex for piece of mind