• Our Forte Power Clean machine allows us to carry out engine carbon cleans and injector cleans on petrol and diesel vehicles, also DPF and turbo cleans on diesels, all without the need for extra costs removing components, saving you £££ in labour costs!

    Unlike most of the cheap 'carbon cleans' you see on the internet that normally inject hydrogen into your intake at the air filter most of the time not helping at all, the Forte Power clean machine has separate chemicals for separate areas, from connecting directly into the fuel system for an injector clean to connecting directly into the intake manifold for an intake clean

  • DPF Cleaning

    Have a blocked DPF? Been told that you need your DPF replaced? We can carry out a full clean of your DPF to remove all the soot from the filter making your DPF like new without having to even remove the DPF, saving you £££!