• Software Updates

    As with all manufacturers VWG frequently release new software for their vehicles, we invest in some of the best equipment which allows us to carry out all your software updates as required keeping your vehicle up to date

Emissions Fix Removal (software rollback)

As most people know Volkswagen Group was investigated for emissions cheating, to fix the high emissions on their vehicles the VWG released a software update for select vehicles to bring the emissions back into allowed spec, this software is now known for causing driveability issues, causing poor MPG, clogging DPF, failing injectors and EGR valves, we have also seen them faking the DPF soot loading values meaning the vehicles did not know it was full of soot and caused serious lack of power with no obvious causes

What we do to fix this.

With most of these effected vehicles we hold a very large database of pre emissions fix software allowing us to remove their new software and put you back to the original factory software with no issues.

Please contact us with your registration to see if we can do your vehicle