034Motorsport - Motorsport Density Engine Cover Grommets - TTRS 8S & RS3 8V

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Product No. | - 034-1ZZ-1002

A tuned Audi 2.5TFSI EVO DAZA engine in the Audi 8V.5 RS3 or 8S TTRS makes so much power that the acceleration rips the engine's face right off! Keep your engine cover where it belongs by replacing the OE rubber engine cover grommets with 034Motorsport's Density Line Engine Cover Grommets. The higher durometer rubber retains the engine cover in its proper location regardless of how hard the car can be launched. The stiffer rubber and thicker rubber flange also prevents the engine cover grommets from pushing through the grommet hole and falling out.

  • Stiffer Rubber and Thicker Flange Design Resists Engine Cover Grommets from Pushing Through and Becoming Lost
  • Higher Durometer Rubber Keeps Engine Cover in Place
  • Easy to Install
  • Replaces Missing/Lost Factory Pieces
  • Direct Replacement for Factory Grommet 1T0 805 673 A


  • 2017 - Present Audi RS3 (8V/8V.5)
  • 2018 - Present Audi TT RS (8S)