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APR Carbon Open Intake System B8 3.0TFSI

APR Carbon Open Intake System B8 3.0TFSI


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The APR Intake system dramatically out performs the factory intake system and improves upon the closed box design. As performance increases, so does the importance of a high-flow high-quality intake system as a large pressure drop forms between the factory intake’s inlet and outlet.

As listed in the chart every combination of APR Intake Systems and throttle body pipes dramatically outflowed their stock counterparts. The APR Open Intake System with APR Ultracharger is roughly 35% less restrictive compared to the factory intake at 28" of H2O. By allowing the engine to breathe, the intake system lowers the intake air temperature, and allows for performance gains upwards of 17 AWHP at Stage 2+ (93). As performance climbs further, so do the power gain seen with the APR Intake system!

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