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EA888.3/4 Coil Pack Ground Harness Kit

EA888.3/4 Coil Pack Ground Harness Kit


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Coil Pack Plug Part Number
Optional Terminal Removal Tool

A common problem on the EA888.3 and .4 engine is the threads stripping out the cam cover where the coil pack bolt screws in and for the earth point to break off when removing coil packs.

We have the solution in our coil pack ground harness kit, removing the individual grounding points from each coil pack and replacing them with a neat loom right back to the factory earth point

Please ensure you check the coil pack connector plug part number - There are two different connector types that use different terminals. With the plug flipped over you will see either 8K0 971 994 or 4D0 971 994, please see images for example. We will not be responsible for the customer selecting the incorrect connector

What's included?

  • Coil Pack wiring harness
  • 4x M6x45mm Coil pack securing bolts
  • 2x cable ties
  • Terminal removal tool (optional)

** We recommend professional installation and will not be held responsible for damage caused by improper installation**

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