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EA888 Gen 3 Ignition Service Kit

EA888 Gen 3 Ignition Service Kit

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Racingline Performance Ignition Coil

The RacingLine Higher-Output Ignition Coils are a direct plug-and-play upgrade from the OE ignition coils. Whether an engine is standard or Stage 3 tuned, it will immediately benefit from the greater energy output and stronger, more consistent spark generated by a set of RacingLine Ignition Coil Packs.

The RacingLine Higher-Output Ignition Coils deliver a 10% increase in output energy versus OE. This greater output is perfect for drivers looking to maximise output from either a stock or modified car. 

Why have we settled on a 10% gain in output energy for our Coil Packs? Because this is the optimum increase level for VWG's TSI engines. Beyond this, no additional benefit is gained, yet the coil's internal temperatures begin to rise sharply.

 So at this level, our Coil Packs can maintain coil voltage under load with little or no drop-off, performing consistently from idle through to the shift point or red-line.

Replacement is all the more worthwhile on older engines still running the OE Coil Packs. A new set makes a great preventative maintenance upgrade to avoid the risk of misfires caused as the OE Coil Packs age and gradually break down.

Fitment couldn't be an easier. These are a simple plug and play replacement. Remove the OE Coil Packs, replace with our Higher-Output versions.

Suitable for the following engines: 
- 1.8T EA888 Gen 3 (Requires 4x)
- 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 (Requires 4x)
- 2.0T EA888 Gen 3B (Requires 4x)
- 2.5T EA855 EVO (Requires 5x)
- 2.9T EA839 (Requires 6x)
- 3.0TT EA839 (Requires 6x)
- 4.0TT EA825 (Requires 8x)
These are sold indivually, so you will need to add the number required. 
If you are unsure which engine you have, please contact our team before purchasing.

OE Part Interchange:

06J 905 110 D

06J 905 110 E

06K 905 110 D

06J 905 110 F

06J 905 110 G

06H 905 110 G

06J 905 110 K

06H 905 110 H

06H 905 110 L

06J 905 110 N

APR Ignition Coil

APR Ignition Coil

APR Ignition Coils are designed to be a direct plug-and-play upgrade to factory coils, and provide greater energy output, ensuring a stronger and more consistent spark. The commonplace replacement of factory ignition coils with those taken from higher output Audi RS models, such as the 2.5T, is popularly believed to provide greater energy output. However, testing proves that they are no more powerful than the factory coils that are found on 1.8T and 2.0T engines. APR Ignition Coils increase energy output by 10%. They are a direct upgrade or replacement, and come with the coveted red housing made popular by the Audi R8!

10% more energy output than stock

Red housing with APR Logo

True upgrade, not just aesthetic

Direct plug-and-play

Suitable for the following engines: 
- 1.8T EA888 Gen 3 (Requires 4x)
- 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 (Requires 4x)
- 2.0T EA888 Gen 3B (Requires 4x)

034 Motorsport Ignition Coil

034Motorsport High Output Ignition Coil Pack - EA8XX Engines

The 034Motorsport Ignition Coils are designed to be a Higher Output, direct plug-and-play upgrade from OE ignition coils with improved heat dissipation via the integrated CNC-Machined heat sinks and offer unique, colorful styling.

The 034Motorsport High Output Ignition Coils offer a 10% increase in energy output which is perfect for those looking to maximize output from their stock or modified cars. With integrated CNC-machined heat sinks, any excess heat can be transferred from the ignition coil, further improving the performance of the coils. Crucially, 034Motorsport High Output Ignition Coils are available in red to show everyone at the local car meet that you value performance in the streets, the sheets, and the track!

- 10% Increase in Energy Output over Stock Ignition Coils
- CNC-Machined Heat Sink for Better Heat Dissipation
- Red or yellow Housing with 034 Logo
- Direct Plug-And-Play

Suitable for the following engines: 
- 1.8T EA888 Gen 3 (Requires 4x)
- 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 (Requires 4x)
- 2.0T EA888 Gen 3B (Requires 4x)
- 2.0T EA888 Gen 4 (Requires 4x)

APR Spark Plugs

APR Iridium Pro Spark Plugs are the excellent upgrade for tuned engines. Our spark plugs are made from Iridium, which is one of the strongest materials you can use in this type of application. They run cooler, resist preignition, last longer than other materials with higher melting points, and even require less voltage to produce a strong spark. The electrode is harder and stronger than other materials, can dissipate heat more easily, is better protected from melting, cracking, and other limitations found with standard plugs. These plugs were designed for use on tuned and higher output vehicles that benefit from a plug cooler than the factory heat range. They are great for high boost, high cylinder pressure, high cylinder temperatures, and high power situations, and they pair nicely with a set of APR ignition coils, where applicable.

  • Heat range 9 spark plug (Similar: Bosch 3, Brisk 10, Denso 27, and NGK 9)
  • 152% higher melting point than silver, 125% higher than copper, and 38% higher than platinum.
  • Stronger than copper and platinum
  • Designed for high performance / tuned vehicle applications
  • Non-projected insulator design
  • Lower required supplied voltage
  • Cooler operating temperature than stock plugs
  • Optimized electrode design for hard to ignite fuels, such as ethanol
  • Resists preignition better than stock plugs
  • Perfect for upgraded APR vehicles
  • An excellent match for APR ignition coils
  • Thread reach: 26.5mm
  • Thread diameter: 14mm
  • Hexagon: 16mm
  • Seat Type: Gasket
  • Install Torque: 25 Nm
  • Made in the EU
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