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Forge Motorsport Intake Kit - 2.0TSI MQB and MQB Evo Cars

Forge Motorsport Intake Kit - 2.0TSI MQB and MQB Evo Cars


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Power gains of up to 13BHP
Torque gains of up to 17NM
Pleated or foam filter available
Greater engine sound
Made in the UK
Lifetime guarantee

With our in-house VW Golf MK8R development vehicle we have been able to complete thorough testing on the EA888 gen4 platform, from rolling roads to track time. This has allowed us to create FMINDK44, the second induction kit we have available for the EA888 gen 3 and gen 4 platform (alongside our carbon fibre variant, FMINDK40). This kit features either a Forge Motorsport Ram Air high flow, pleated, synthetic nanofiber filtration filter or a Pipercross foam filter. Both are manufactured for optimum size and fit to the available space giving superior flow and filtration with enhanced breathing for the 2.0 turbo charged engine. It also features a larger surface area than the stock filter and many competitors’ alternatives.

The intake diameter has been carefully tuned to provide exactly the correct quantity of air for consistent power gains throughout the rev range and minimising the chance of low-end torque loss; the pipework is specifically designed to feed the turbo without interruption. The upshot to all of this is a gain of induction acoustics under acceleration, which improves the driving experience and adds a bit more drama to the EA888 engine. With the use of SolidWorks, our CAD engineers have designed the heat shroud to fit round all the contours of the engine bay. This shroud combined with our specially formulated thermal coatings protects the intake from radiant heat while also guiding the cold air from the OE cold air ducting to the filter and housing.

The majority of our dyno testing was done on our VW Golf R MK8 EA888 Gen 4, as such you may find slight variations in gains when fitted to other vehicles sharing this engine. During the final prototypes testing we found that the induction kit with stock turbo inlet produced gains on average of 3.5BHP. However, when paired with our turbo inlet adaptor FMTIA5 (RHD), FMTIA6, or FMTIA9 (LHD), this is where the stock EA888 gen4 engine saw impressive gains, increasing power up to 13BHP at 6500RPM with a significant average power increase from 4500RPM to the 6700RPM Rev limit of 8BHP; while the drivability and the punch from extra torque increases can be felt on the road at between 4000RPM to the rev limit an average gain of 17NM is achieved. It’s worth remembering that this is with a stock ECU and no tune, so we would expect to see mapped cars returning even greater yields of power.

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