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Garrett Powermax Stage 1 Turbo Charger - EA888 Gen3 (Upto 485hp)

Garrett Powermax Stage 1 Turbo Charger - EA888 Gen3 (Upto 485hp)


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Garrett Powermax Turbo Charger (Stage 1) EA888.3 
Garrett Stage 1 Plug and Play Turbocharger for the VAG Group MQB vehicles with EA888 GEN 3 Engine

This original Garrett-made turbocharger is for all Golf 7 R and GTI, Audi TT, Polo GTI 6C, Skoda Octavia RS, Seat Leon FR and most other 1.8 TFSI / 2.0 TFSI.

Performance: up to 485 hp is possible when run with E85

PowerMax™ direct fit performance turbocharger kits are engineered for increased engine performance while maintaining OEM direct fitment. With professional engine calibration and tuning, the optimized compressor aero will increase flow and outperform the stock turbocharger.

Designed for extreme performance, this upgrade turbocharger is actually neither an upgrade nor a hybrid turbocharger. All components of the turbocharger are extremely high quality and made from the finest materials. In addition to the compressor housing made especially for this turbocharger, an exhaust housing made of high-strength stainless steel with a greater exhaust gas throughput is used. The latest technology comes to the fore under the housings. The highlight is an extremely high-quality reverse rotating Garrett GT2260S center section with a MAR-M exhaust wheel designed for exhaust temperatures of up to 1050 ° C.

The compressor housing was designed in such a way that most of the tuning items available as accessories can be used. For example, the electric Turbosmart blow-off valves fit the turbocharger without changes and can simply be attached to the holes provided. The intake opening in front of the compressor wheel is perfectly matched to the turbocharger and is supplied together with a matching inlet, which enables accessory intake systems to be easily attached.

The exhaust housing has an increased exhaust gas throughput and has been specially manufactured for the high-quality Garrett fuselage group. A stainless steel with a strength of 1050 ° C was chosen as the material. The duct routing is adapted to the performance and flow-optimized. Another advantage: all downpipes fit to the outlet of the exhaust housing.

Special feature: You can keep your old turbocharger. This allows you to restore the vehicle to its original condition if necessary. Ultimately, that saves a lot of time and money. You do not then have to buy a new and therefore expensive turbocharger.

Vehicle: 2014 - 2019 Volkswagen / Audi Group MQB Vechicles
Engine: 1.8TSI / TFSI - 2.0TSI / TFSI EA888 GEN3

Original Turbo Code
- IS38

OE Comparison Numbers
- 06K145874P
- 06K145874G
- 06K145722S
- 06K145722N

- Direct-Fit Stage 1 Upgrade
- Calibrated electric actuator
- Complete assembly with all ancillary components for OE fitment
- 485 flywheel horsepower capability (on-vehicle results)
- +17% flow compared to IS38 turbo (stock Golf R)
- GTX Gen II compressor wheel aero
- Modern gasoline turbine wheel aerodynamics
- Mar-M alloy turbine wheel rated for up to 1050C
- Stainless steel turbine housing rated for up to 1050C
- Fully machined speed sensor port
- Latest generation of journal bearing rotor group
- 360-degree thrust bearing –reinforced for application
- max. Turbo speed: 185.000 rpm
- Rotation: Reverse

Important Notes: 
- Supporting Modifications will be needed to run this turbocharger.
- Mapping to suit will be required.
- The term 'Plug and Play' used in this description is purely representative of the physical job of installing the turbocharger on to the engine. 

When installing this turbo, we recommend replacing all gaskets, nuts, o-rings and the v-band clamp. 

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