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Intake Valve Walnut Blasting Hoover Adapter for VWG

Intake Valve Walnut Blasting Hoover Adapter for VWG


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Weather you are a DIYer or professional, no one likes getting covered in walnut shell whilst trying to carry out the decoke on your engine

We use this same attachment for all our cleans here at AWTuning so we know the quality and how well it works

Standard attachment has a hoover nozzle size of 24mm. We have created an adapter to make it easier to attach to Neumatic/Henry Hoovers which takes it to 31mm. If you require a specific size for your hoover we are happy to add this to our list, just pop us an email with the dimension required and we will put one together for you


Confirmed engines -

  • 1.4TSI
  • 1.8TSI
  • 2.0 TFSI
  • 2.0 TSI EA888
  • 2.5 TFSI
  • 3.0 Supercharged V6
  • 4.0 TT V8
  • 4.2 V8
  • 5.2 V10

Below are engines we suspect this will fit but we have not had here to test, if you would like to try this on one of the below engines, feel free to purchase and if it does not fit then return it for a full refund!

  • 1.5TSI
  • 3.0 Turbo V6
  • 2.9 TT V6
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