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MIB2 App Connect Activation (Apple CarPlay / Android Auto)

MIB2 App Connect Activation (Apple CarPlay / Android Auto)


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Improve your driving experience by enhancing your vehicle's infotainment system with our Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Activation. This offers the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating your smartphone into your car's dashboard, ensuring a safe and user-friendly way to access your favourite apps, navigation, and media while keeping your attention focused on the road.

This is suitable for both ZR/PQ Technistat and Delphi units 

Before ordering-
Check which software version is on your vehicle, press and hold the 'Menu' button, press 'Software Version/Update' send us a photo of this screen so we can verify the software for you before ordering. Please message us on WhatsApp 020 8269 8678 (please note this is a WhatsApp only number and does not accept calls) or email us at

Get yourself a quality SD card minimum of 7GB

Only available for vehicles with navigation (2 SD card slots)

On some earlier models you may require your USB port being changed.

How does it work? -

We supply you with the files for you to load onto an SD card and carry out a software update on your unit to activate App Connect

At our workshop
Come down to our workshop in Kent on the boarder of London, wait in our waiting area or in one of the cafes next door and let us do the work for you!

No refund once order has been processed because files are locked to your car’s VIN number. Please do NOT try to use these on different cars/headunit as it will cause the headunit to brick.

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