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AWTuning P2015 Intake Manifold Fix Bracket

AWTuning P2015 Intake Manifold Fix Bracket


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On the original CR engines an error emerged due to excessive actuator motor rotation within the intake manifold. If your vehicle displays a P2015 error, it's highly likely that most garages will propose a costly solution involving a complete replacement of the intake manifold, which can exceed £700.

However, the root cause of this issue typically lies with the actuator motor within the intake manifold. A small plastic limiting stop on the butterfly assembly within the manifold, which is operated by this motor, tends to wear down over time. This wear leads to the actuator motor (V157 or V120) over-rotating, triggering the P2015 error or related symptoms.

Our repair bracket offers an easy and effective solution. It provides a durable limit for the actuator motor, resolving this issue for the entire lifespan of the vehicle. There's no need to replace the entire manifold or actuator motor, which would likely lead to a recurrence of the problem

Install our innovative bracket to resolve the issue of over-rotation, effectively eliminating this problem for the entire lifespan of your vehicle. 

Our component restricts the motor's range of movement to its original specifications when it was new. By opting for our bracket, you can avoid the expense of replacing the entire manifold and actuator motor, which is likely to encounter the same problem and necessitates the removal of fuel lines, potentially causing additional issues.

Only for 2.0 TDI VWG vehicles with engine codes - CAAB, CAGA, CAGB, CAGC, CAHA, CAHB, CBAA, CBAB, CBAC, CBBB, CBDA, CBDB, CBDC, CEGA, CJAA, CMEA. 

Check Your Manifold! -
Aluminium Manifold -  03L 129 711 E
Plastic Manifold - 03L 129 711 AG

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