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Racingline Performance

Racingline Body Brace - Audi S4 / S5 (B9)

Racingline Body Brace - Audi S4 / S5 (B9)


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Want to sharpen up your Audi B9ƒ??s handling responses and steering feel?
Racingline Performance's beautiful new billet Strut Brace replaces the cheap factory bars to reinforce the bodyshell for a more pleasurable and precise drive.

Modern cars like the B9 Audi run a pretty stiff bodyshell. Load your car hard in the corners though, and the thin, pressed aluminium factory brace wonƒ??t be doing much to prevent chassis flex as the strut towers deflect laterally.
The result? Imprecise steering input and a vague, disconnected feeling from the front end.¶ÿ

- The RacingLine Body Brace is a stiff, solid billet aluminium replacement which drastically stiffens the front end of the chassis

- By reinforcing and tying the front strut towers together, the brace helps to maintain proper suspension geometry under heavy cornering loads and provides consistent steering response, ensuring a more connected driving experience

Despite the added stiffness, this improved handling performance comes without sacrificing any ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin

- Installation is simple, and is completely reversible

The stunning appearance of the RacingLine Body Brace¶ÿwill finish off your engine bay to the standard the B9 deserves.
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