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Racingline Boost Hose Upgrade Kit - RS3 8V.2 & 8Y / TTRS 8S

Racingline Boost Hose Upgrade Kit - RS3 8V.2 & 8Y / TTRS 8S


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The RacingLine 2.5 TFSI Boost Pipe Kit for Audi RS3 8V.2 & 8Y and TTRS 8S is a five-piece kit to replace the factory soft flexible rubber pipes and replace them with beautiful reinforced silicone and aluminium replacement versions. The kit is a direct OEM replacement: simply remove the factory hoses, and replace them with the five uprated pipes. Simple.

The Aluminium Boost Pipe has a 70mm outer diameter vs the factory plastic boost pipe's 63mm OD. This maintains intercooler diameter outlet all the way to the throttle body. The Aluminium Boost Pipe also removes the factory wiring loom clearance dent – ensuring smooth laminar flow is maintained.

The Intercooler Outlook Hose incorporates two Convolutions and Stainless steel band – allowing for engine movement without risking hose collapse.

Stepped internal joint transitions give a port-matched laminar airflow path, greatly reducing turbulence versus other non-stepped designs. Of course the RacingLine hoses are pressure tested far beyond the turbo’s capabilities, allowing the system to maintain performance under extreme temperature and high-boost conditions.

By minimising these restrictions, the smoother airflow and optimised hose routing ensures that the turbo meets less resistance and can thus perform more effectively - moving a larger volume of air and minimising turbulence.

 Constructed from reinforced high quality silicone, guaranteeing great rigidity to prevent deformation under high boost or heat loads. Fluorosilicone interior surface resists oil and gasoline permeation providing extra protection against deterioration.

A great upgrade for any remapped 2.5 TFSI running higher boost than standard.


2.5TFSI engines - DAZA, DAZC, DNWA, DXHA

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