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Racingline Engine Cover Grommets - TT RS 8S and RS3 8V & 8Y

Racingline Engine Cover Grommets - TT RS 8S and RS3 8V & 8Y


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Drive a 2.5 TFSI Audi RS, and chances are you may have already lost some factory engine cover grommets.  RacingLine’s higher durometer rubber 2.5 TFSI Engine Cover Grommets are the answer to keep your engine cover firmly located exactly where it should be.

The engine cover on the Audi RS3 8V.2 & 8Y and TTRS 8S has an annoying habit of coming loose, especially with the extra engine movement that the comes with a tuned, hard driven car. RacingLine’s set of higher-durometer replacement mounting grommets is the simple fix!
The factory grommets are far too weak for the job, allowing the engine cover to vibrate out of place, leading to the original grommets falling out and getting lost. Regular removal/refit of the engine cover also leads to the factory grommets popping out and disappearing into the depths of the engine bay.

RacingLine’s set of four replacement 2.5 TFSI Engine Cover Grommets use a much stiffer rubber combined with a thicker flange design to provide a much tighter grip on the cover at all times. It’s a great preventative-maintenance upgrade to fit now before you lose the factory pieces.
Fitment couldn't be easier. Simply push the 4 replacements into place, refit the cover, and relax in the knowledge that your engine cover will stay where it should be. No tools or modifications are required.

Direct replacement for the 2.5 TFSI factory grommet
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