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Racingline Performance Camber Adjustable Rear Control Arms - MQB and MQB Evo

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Product No. | - VWR501001

RacingLine Camber Adjustable Rear Control Arms - MQB and MQB Evo

The MQB-platform cars rely on a stamped-steel Rear Upper Control Arm to control the rear camber.
Not only do these factory steel arms flex quite considerably under demanding loads, they also don't include enough adjustment to allow lowered cars to set the desired rear camber.

The Adjustable Camber Rear Control Arms are a direct replacement for the stock stamped steel and softly-bushed arms, and allow for plus/minus 3 degrees of camber adjustment, on top of what the stock eccentric bolt allows.
High durometer rubber bushings at each end ensure that there is minimal deflection under the extreme loads from track use. Yet without the harshness of a solid ball-joint, which is not appropriate for regular road use.

Our 'Twin-thread' design provides a clever left-handed and right-handed stainless-steel threaded adjustment for infinitely precise camber adjustments whilst on the car. Most other arms only adjust in 180 degree turns, requiring removal and refitting between each adjustment.

- Not Suitable for Golf Mk8 'R'