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Racingline Performance

Racingline Performance DSG Shift Paddle Upgrade - Golf Mk7 Wheel

Racingline Performance DSG Shift Paddle Upgrade - Golf Mk7 Wheel


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Racingline Performance is now¶ÿavailable¶ÿat your fingertips with the release of¶ÿRacingline Performance DSG Paddle Shift Replacements for Volkswagen Golf 7 R, GTI and 1.8 TSI.
Exquisite CNC-machined billet aluminium, beautiful to look at and cool to the touch.

At Racingline Performance, we know that details¶ÿmake the difference. Nowhere is this more the case than with the controls of the¶ÿcar that a driver sees and touches every time they get behind the wheel.
We have extended the size of the paddles above and below the steering wheel¶ÿspokes to make pulling that next gear easier in tight turns when your hands are busy¶ÿsteering. This ensures that your performance behind the wheel is never compromised. ¶ÿ

There are many cheap 'stick-on' paddles available. As a full replacement unit, the Racingline Performance Racingline Performance DSG Paddles¶ÿare completely different. The 'stick-ons' rely on double-sided foam tape laid on top of the factory plastic paddles and this will never give the positivity or long term rigidity that¶ÿcar and driver deserve.

As with all our upgrades, the quality and attention to detail on our Racingline Performance DSG Paddle Replacements is instantly apparent. The +/- symbols are delicately cut out of the top of each blade.¶ÿPolished, then gloss-anodised in a choice of Piano Black or Titanium-Silver before a laser-etched Racingline logo is placed on the bottom of each blade as a discreet assurance of quality.

Fitting Racingline Performance DSG Paddles¶ÿcouldn't be easier. With long-nosed pliers, simply pull out the pin from underneath the standard paddle - and the paddle comes away. Position your new VWR¶ÿDSG Paddle¶ÿinto place, slide the pin back in fully and you're good to go.

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