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Racingline Performance

Racingline Performance Hi-Flow Turbo inlet - 1.0TSI

Racingline Performance Hi-Flow Turbo inlet - 1.0TSI


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WLTP Vehicle?

Racingline Performance Hi-Flow Turbo inlet - 1.0TSI

Racingline's new 1.0 TSI Turbo Inlet Elbow transforms the airflow reaching your turbocharger.
It's compatible with your factory intake box, ideally combined with our Performance Filter.
The kit is also compatible with other aftermarket intakes, and will be the perfect compliment to our upcoming Cold Air Intake too.
Ready to support higher power outputs and even turbo upgrades in future. 

The Intake Upgrade Kit comprises a new high-flow Turbo Silicone Inlet Hose plus Turbo 90 Inlet.
Together these upgrades allow greatly increased airflow from your intake into the turbocharger for lightning fast turbo response and a worthwhile power gain.
So whether you're running a standard airbox or you've already fitted an intake system, you'll be wasting potential airflow gains without this Turbo Inlet Elbow!

Dependent on your model and country, Volkswagen Group made changes to the 1.0 TSI engine to comply with the new emissions standards imposed by the WLTP testing regime from 2019/2020.

If you're not sure, it's easy to check.

Take a look under the bonnet. You are looking for the small pipe (circled in the image above). If the car has this pipe, then it is the later post-WLTP engine.

Note: It's even easier to tell for UP! GTI. The facelifted cars, from 2020 onwards all need the WLTP-modified RacingLine Turbo Elbow. It's really easy to tell from the outside. The later 'WLTP' tested cars have the new 'smooth' VW badge, the earlier cars have a '3D' VW badge.

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