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Racingline Performance

Racingline Performance Intake System - VW Up! GTI and 1.0TSI

Racingline Performance Intake System - VW Up! GTI and 1.0TSI


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Racingline Performance Intake System - VW Up! GTI and 1.0TSI

At last, the highest-performing, race-bred cold-air complete induction system for the UP GTI 1.0 TSI is ready to order!
And it's not just an intake. The new RacingLine system includes our Turbo Inlet Elbow to guarantee the best possible performance from your intake system.

The RacingLine VWR Cold-Air Intake System is simply the most complete induction package available for the up! GTI. Our package combines two components together - the intake itself plus the Turbo Inlet Elbow. Without these two elements flowing in harmony you'd be wasting a lot of your hard-won power gains.

Together these upgrades allow greatly increased airflow from your intake into the turbo for lightning fast turbo response and a worthwhile power gain.

Our High-Flow TriFoam triple-layer construction is simply the best filtration material on the market, and is the key to the power gains achieved. As with all our intakes, each filter is carefully handmade in the UK. 

Dependant on your model and country, Volkswagen Group made changes to the 1.0 TSI engine to comply with the new emissions standards imposed by the WLTP testing regime from 2019/2020.

If you're not sure, it's easy to check.

Take a look under the bonnet. You are looking for the small pipe (circled in the image above). If the car has this pipe, then it is the later post-WLTP engine.

Note: It's even easier to tell for UP! GTI. The facelifted cars, from 2020 onwards all need the WLTP-modified RacingLine Turbo Elbow.​  It's really easy to tell from the outside. The later 'WLTP' tested cars have the new 'smooth' VW badge, the earlier cars have a '3D' VW badge.

If you already have the Racingline Turbo Inlet fitted to your car, you can buy this intake without the Turbo Inlet.
Either way, this kit must be fitted with the Turbo inlet and cannot be fitted without it.

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