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Racingline Performance Lower Engine Mount For Alloy Subframe MQB and MQB 'EVO' Chassis

Racingline Performance Lower Engine Mount For Alloy Subframe MQB and MQB 'EVO' Chassis


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RacingLine 'Cup Edition' Lower Engine Mount is now available for the new MQB 'evo' cars plus the MQB cars with aluminium front subframes¶ÿ- covering popular vehicles such as Golf mk8 GTI & R, Audi S3 8V & 8Y, Audi TT 8S and others with the alloy subframe.

¶ÿTo harness your power increases, and transfer that power to the track where you need it, our Uprated Drivetrain Mounts will give a much more solid drive, and crucially add durability to any high-powered or hard-driven car.¶ÿGet your power to the road or track where you need it from the¶ÿRacingLine Engine Mounts.

¶ÿThe MQB & MQB 'EVO' platform Lower Mount also includes a billet aluminium Torque Link.¶ÿ Our testing showed that the pressed steel part used on the MQB-platform cars lack the stiffness needed.¶ÿ

The whole engine and gearbox is located in only three places. One at engine-side plus another at the end of the gearbox which support the weight of the whole drivetrain, plus a third torque arm underneath the engine to contain the fore-aft movement (often called the pendulum or dog-bone mount).

The standard car uses very compliant rubber in these mounts to give a soft take-up of power and isolate the cabin from drivetrain noise. For a daily driven standard car, these bushings do a good job of keeping cabin vibration to a minimum. But when you ask more of these mounts, with higher power or hard driving, the flex in the bushes becomes very noticeable. This gives a slightly loose feeling to the drivetrain and an increased chance of wheel-hop under hard acceleration as the whole engine and 'box assembly judders.

If your car produces high power, or has covered quite a few road miles, or is driven hard, the softness of these three standard rubber mounts allows more and more movement as you come on and off the power. With worn mounts, we have even seen failures of the exhaust manifold and driveshafts as the whole drivetrain shifts around under load.

The Racingline Performance engine mounts stiffen the whole location of the drivetrain greatly to give a much crisper feeling to your car. This means no more jerky behaviour on and off the throttle or when you change gear, and all-but eliminates 'wheel hop' off the line. Of course, a bit more noise from the drivetrain comes into the cabin, but most keen drivers love the sense that they are more 'connected' to their car.

As opposed to some aftermarket 'push in' bushes which crudely fill the voids in the factory mounts, the Volkswagen units are completely redesigned replacement mount assemblies. We specify a stiff urethane of 75A durometer which allows some movement within the mounts, and filters much of the drivetrain's vibration but with a design that very significantly reduces the movement on each.

For most road cars, we'd recommend the lower engine mount on its own, leaving the two upper mounts standard. This makes a huge difference to how the car drives, and is a pretty minimal difference to the cabin refinement. The lower engine mount on its own is one of our most popular upgrades for Golfs and Sciroccos.

For more heavily modified, track and motorsport cars, all three mounts should be upgraded.

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