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Racingline Performance

Racingline Performance Mk7 Golf GTI Cat-Back Exhaust System

Racingline Performance Mk7 Golf GTI Cat-Back Exhaust System


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From many years of developing the race exhausts for the Racingline Performance Cup, we have partnered with our Championship Sponsors Milltek Sport to offer a more extreme 'Cup Edition' Exhaust System for the Golf 7 GTI available exclusively as part of the Racingline Performance range.

Aside fromthe beautiful Titanium tailpipe trims, it's built from the same high quality non-magnetic stainless steel as the race car systems, by the very same craftsmen, and in the exact same factory as every one of our racing cars. With minimal disruptions along its length, thesystem flows exceptionally,and isbased around a carefully optimised 3"Ç?Ç?Ç?_Ç?¶ïǾÇ?Ç?Ç?Ǿ¶®Ç?¶ïǾ¶� (76mm) section tube for maximum power and torque gains with a refined throttle response throughout the rev range.

We wanted a more extreme set up for the 'Cup Edition' exhaust, aimed at those looking for a slightly more purposeful soundtrack, thanks to its non-resonated centre section and smaller silencer box. Many customers have told us that they want the highest flow, least restrictive system available, and are happy with the louder volume that comes with a high-performance exhaust and the result is this.

With Titanium tailpipe trims, discreetly etched with the R logo on the sides, not only does this exhaust deliver worthwhile performance gains, it offers a highly dynamic soundtrack that the enthusiast driver will love, and enhances the appearance of any Golf 7

Make no mistake, this is a sports exhaust, and has a rich and dynamic soundtrack to match. In development with Milltek Sport, we have deliberately taken the 'Cup Edition' system a step closer to that which we specify for our race cars. Through removing thetwo large silencer boxes thattheoriginal factory exhaust uses, and replacing with a single, smaller unit we have dramaticallyreduced the restrictions that the standard part causes.

However, it is perfectly suitable for daily driving, with drone well contained at higher-speed cruising, only getting loud under full throttle acceleration. Enthusiasts will love it!

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