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Racingline Performance OEM+

Racingline Performance OEM+ PCM for 2.0TDI EA288 MQB 'EVO' Models

Racingline Performance OEM+ PCM for 2.0TDI EA288 MQB 'EVO' Models


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Original Power Output

STOCK Low Output: 115PS / 300NM
OEM+ Power Control Module Output: 132PS / 340NM

STOCK Mid Output: 150PS / 360NM
OEM+ Power Control Module Output: 170PS / 415NM

STOCK Mid Output: 200PS / 400NM
OEM+ Power Control Module Output: 226PS / 457NM


All of our 2.0 TDI applications (currently only for the MQB 'Evo' cars such as Golf mk8, Audi A3 8Y etc, post-2020) have been calibrated to focus on delivering a smooth spread of diesel torque right across the rev range, rather than just focussing on peak power. 

It's called the 'area under the curve', and that's what gives a car its feeling of power and speed. That's what our calibration engineers focus on at all times. Take a look at the dyno curves (at the bottom of this page) for each 2.0 TDI engine derivative to see this area under the curve difference for your car.

PCM stands for ‘Power Control Module’ and is our way of bringing your new MQB EVO car to life with more power and torque.

Easily installed, and easily removed at any time without a trace.

PCM works on a standalone PCB, which communicates with the factory ECU. Developed by RacingLine's own in-house calibration experts over the past 12 months, it allows the car to safely increase power and torque levels.

Free Upgrade Path:

Of course, we know that many customers will want to have a full ECU calibration as soon as it's available - and who can blame them?

So uniquely, RacingLine will give any PCM customer a free upgrade to our OEM+ calibrations as soon as they are available, whenever you are ready - as long as you purchase your PCM unit from one of our OEM+ dealers. 

*a small labour charge may be incurred when upgrading

EU Markets ONLY!

Can't see your 2.0 TDI listed?

If you own a car with a 2.0 TDI EA288 Evo engine and can't see it listed above, you may still be in luck!

If your car is MQB Evo (Golf mk8, Audi A3 8Y, Leon IV, Octavia IV), all of the three engine versions can be ordered for your car.

Or, if you drive a car with any of these engines, but not in an MQB Evo, then PCM will still work perfectly on your car, but our installation bracket for the battery strap will not fit. If you are happy to mount the PCM box yourself, then you can get all of the PCM benefits.

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