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Racingline Performance

Racingline Performance Oil Cap - EA888 Gen4 2.0T

Racingline Performance Oil Cap - EA888 Gen4 2.0T


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The Racingline Performance Billet Oil Cap is beautifully over-engineered in customary Racingline Performance fashion to give an exquisite feel and exceptional product experience. The Racingline Performance Billet Engine Oil Filler Cap provides a complete replacement for the plastic OEM version and an effortless, yet incredibly satisfying ƒ??clickƒ?� when screwed into place. Never again will you worry whether your oil cap was fully tightened.

We're proud of the over-engineering that we're put into this cap. Manufactured from CNC 5-axis machined billet 6061 aluminium and hard anodised in gloss black for a long lasting, high quality finish. An internal springing mechanism provides the click - and ensures absolute tightness when fitted, even with the heat soak from a high performance engine. A laser etched ƒ??Racinglineƒ?? is the finishing touch and seal of approval for this lovely upgrade.

Fitting is pretty obvious - but you will need to gently remove the rubber seal from your factory oil cap and re-install on your new RacingLine Oil Cap before you use it for the first time. Then enjoy that 'click' time and again.

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