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Racingline Performance

Racingline Performance R600 Silicone Coolant Re-Route Hose

Racingline Performance R600 Silicone Coolant Re-Route Hose


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Do you have an R600 intake on your car?¶ÿ

Here's a really nice and simple upgrade to your R600 intake.
The all-important factory one-way valve is incorporated, just like the original; most alternative hoses don't use this ƒ?? we strongly recommend you donƒ??t run your car without this valve fitted.

Reinforced 4-ply silicone will withstand the high pressures of the coolant system, and the inner Fluro lining is compatible with the G12 and G13 coolant fluid used on MQB cars.
Precision moulded to retain its perfect shape from temperature-resistant premium grade silicone rubber, specified to exceed any possible coolant temperatures, whilst keeping its rigidity at all times.

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