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Racingline Performance R600 Silicone Coolant Re-Route Hose 2.0TSI EA888 Gen 4 245PS Models

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Product No. | - VWR17G8R600

Another new product for the MQB Evo models using the EA888 gen4 2.0 TSI 245ps engine.

To go with R600 (which fits these models perfectly),¶ÿRacingLine's new R600 Coolant Underhose reroutes the ugly factory hose underneath the intake for a much cleaner look. A really nice and simple upgrade to any R600 intake.¶ÿ

This version is for the new EA888 gen4 2.0 TSI 245PS engines only¶ÿusing the lower-output Garrett turbo (such as Golf 8 GTI, Cupra Leon 245, Octavia vRS 245 and more).

Note: this is a different pipe to the existing R600 Underhose¶ÿVWR17G7R600, as the pipe diameter is different on the 245ps models.

However....the higher output EA888.4 engines with Continental turbo (300+ps) such as Golf 8R, Golf 8 GTI CS, Audi S3 8Y etc will continue to use the previous underhose.

A revised version of the R600 Intake is in development right now for these 300+ps models with a smalll revision to the lower¶ÿairbag¶ÿmoulding for perfect fit.