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Racingline Performance Sport Spring Set - Audi S4 (B9)

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Product No. | - VWR3141S4

Racingline Performance Sport Spring Set - Audi S4 B9 Saloon.

Lowering Range: 20-25mm Front and Rear

The Racingline Performance Spring kit for the S4 B9 Saloon lowers the car by 20-25mm in order to preserve the suspension travel needed for perfect ride and handling.¶ÿ
Developed to be fully compatible with cars fitted with Audi's switchable Adaptive Suspension, as well as the standard 'S' Sports Suspension.¶ÿ
Manufactured to the highest standards by a key European OE Manufacturer that produces many of the factory VW/Audi Group Springs.
Progressive spring rates are used to preserve the ride quality in normal use, but stiffen the up at towards the end of the suspension travel range.¶ÿ