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Racingline Performance Stage 3 Brake Kit - 380mm - MQB Cars

Racingline Performance Stage 3 Brake Kit - 380mm - MQB Cars


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Racingline Performance Stage 3 Brake Kit - 380mm - MQB Cars

The RacingLine Stage 3 Forged Monoblock Brake Kit moves braking technology to a level above anything seen before in this market.
Our design vision was made possible by our¶ÿadvanced 5-axis CNC manufacturing techniques to give¶ÿthis kit more in common with top-level motorsport components than typical aftermarket parts. The result is a¶ÿcombination of¶ÿultimate track performance with lightness, stiffness and beautiful attention to detail.
Each lightweight Forged Monoblock caliper is a one-piece construction that starts out from an ultra-strong forged billet. Rather than two halves bolted together, our design takes a complex 5-axis CNC machining procedure to build, usually reserved only for the highest-specification motorsport kits.
The result is a 6-piston caliper that is both stiffer and lighter than any other, combined with exceptional cooling characteristics and stunning detailing.
Despite the size of these calipers, they weigh in significantly under the mass of the factory ones. The caliper, pads and bracket assembly¶ÿtogether weigh¶ÿ5.3kg (11.7lb)¶ÿvs 8.6kg (18.9lb) for the factory Golf 7R /¶ÿS3 equivalent.
The kit includes 380mm fully-floating ƒ??triple-groveƒ?? two-piece discs giving vastly greater heat capacity, so reducing the effect of fade.

What's in the Kit?¶ÿ
- Monoblock Front Brake Calipers (Pair)
- Caliper Mounting Brackets (Pair)
- Full Mounting Bolt Kit
- Braided Steel Front Brake Line Set
- Sport Brake Pad Set (Fast Road Use)
- 380mm Fully Floating 2 Piece Brake Discs (Pair)

- 380mm kit will fit under 19" Alloy Wheels
- Factory 19" wheels and other brands may require spacers
- Racingline and Neuspeed 19" wheels will not require Spacers
- When using this kit on Track, it is important to remove the dust boots from the caliper pistons.

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