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Racingline Performance Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Rear Brake Upgrade - 310mm - MQB Cars

Racingline Performance Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Rear Brake Upgrade - 310mm - MQB Cars


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At last: a Carbon Ceramic Rear Disc/Rotor conversion. This is a straightforward bolt-in replacement for the steel rear rotors, retaining the factory calipers. They are a beautiful 2-piece disc and centre bell set up, supplied with our matching CCM-specific pads.

Perfect to pair with the RacingLine Stage 3+ CCM front brake kit, plus expected to be a very popular upgrade for any RS3/TTRS owner with the Audi factory optional Front Ceramic set-up - which comes with steel rear discs.
This unique upgrade brings the same CCM technology that the RacingLine Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Monoblock Brake Kit uses to the rear brakes. The result? Simply spectacular resistance to fade, dramatic weight-savings, and long-lasting durability.

The 310 x 22mm rotor construction interweaves discontinuous carbon fibre to form a 3D multi-directional matrix. Which adds up to great weight savings, performance and durability versus traditional steel brakes.
With over triple the heat capacity of conventional brakes, the repeatability of the stopping power is exceptional. It's braking unlike any metal rotor kit can deliver.
These discs weigh in at 3.45kg - under half the mass of the factory steel ones. That's a big difference to unsprung weight.

Direct replacement fitment for MQB and MQB Evo models (including RS3 and TTRS). Full listing on webpage.
The 310mm x 22mm discs are only a direct fit for cars with existing performance ventilated 310mm rear brakes - which includes almost all of the high-performance variants on the MQB/MQBE platforms.

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