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RCD330 / 360 CarPlay Media Unit

RCD330 / 360 CarPlay Media Unit


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The popular RCD330 and RCD360 units are now available from us at AWTuning!

Whilst most people say to only fit the RCD330 unit, through our testing, our customers and our personal use we actually prefer the RCD360 unit, this is classed as the 'fake' unit but we have a supplier that only supplies the best units possible and we always suggest the RCD360 unit over the 330 now!

Being one of our most fitted head units here we have been doing a lot of development on additions to the already great unit

Fully integrated wireless CarPlay
The perfect addition to the RCD unit, no longer having to connect your iPhone by wire, we completely strip the unit apart and modify the unit to have wireless carplay (front USB is disconnected)

External microphone
If you do a lot of motorway miles you will know that the inbuilt microphone is not the greatest, we have overcome this by installing the factory microphone pins so you can either run the factory mic fitted to your vehicle or our factory style mic

Rear speaker line out
Another annoying thing with the RCD units is that if you wanted to fit an aftermarket subwoofer to your vehicle there is no line outs on the unit so you have to wire in your own, we can add these to your unit for you!

Please note that these are custom built to order so although we try to have the unit made ASAP these can take up to 2 weeks to be processed and sent out.

Due to this being a custom item we cannot accept any returns.

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