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VAGBREMTECHNIC Front Brake Kit 4 Piston Brembo Calipers

VAGBREMTECHNIC Front Brake Kit 4 Piston Brembo Calipers


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The calipers included in this kit come from the Aston Martin DB9 which are the same as the Audi TTRS 8J / RS3 8P and are made by Brembo. The piston sizes are matched extremely well to provide a pedal feel that is just like OEM. The calipers are offered in black or red with 'Aston Martin' logos but we can offer these calipers in almost any colour with or without almost any logo. Just add 'custom colour/logo' option to the basket.

If you already have the standard MQB 340x30mm discs you can use your standard discs with this caliper kit

The caliper carriers are made from lightweight aluminium. These have steel thread inserts for strength along with a black anodised finish. The supplied front brake lines have been made to our specifications by HEL Performance, which include stainless steel fittings and are finished in their carbon black sheathing. Lastly the fitting kit includes bolts that are high tensile M12x1.25 coupled with quality spring washers.

Included in our kit:
2x 4 Piston Brembo calipers
2x Caliper carriers
1x Braided front brake lines
4x Caliper to carrier bolts
4x Spring washers for calliper to carrier bolts

To complete this front brake kit you will need:
1x Set of brake pads to suit your driving style
2x Pair of brake discs
Brake fluid to flush system when installing

This brake kit will also fit with genuine VWG Clubsport discs which can be found here

Clubsport style plain discs 
Clubsport S discs

4 Piston Brembo caliper with pads (Ferodo DS2500) - 4.0kg per side

340mm VBT Grooved/J Hooked discs - 10.2kg per side
340mm MQB Clubsport S discs - 9.8kg per side

Vagbremtechnic caliper carriers and fittings - >0.0kg per side (scales don't go low enough!!) 

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